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Led Security Flood Lights

Most people use floodlights for commercial purposes, in order to light up a yard or an external business area. Eurosec however have adopted a similar style of lighting for homeowners.

When an intruder steps onto your premises, a floodlight will instantly light up the surrounding area, catching them suddenly. There is however another use for such lighting and that includes ease of access to a certain area. A dark outer building or a pitch black alleyway will require some form of lighting in order to be bypassed safely, this is where a floodlight comes to the rescue.

An led security light with pir is a small and compact floodlight that is still able to cast a large amount of illumination. The PIR connection is what makes such a lighting system so special and as such, this illumination method is able to offer a 1100 lumen output, low energy and power consumption, a 160 degree PIR detector and an adjustable on time of five seconds to five minutes.

Other features include an adjustable lux, which goes from dusk to dark and an electronic override function. The direction of the floodlight can also be adjusted, which makes such a lighting method extremely versatile.

The PIR can also be altered, allowing for a horizontal or vertical axis. Additional switching capability comes as standard and this particular lighting system is ideal for use with up to four NH150 LED floodlights.

The PIR can also have a recordable camera built into the unit, which will record on motion detection, and object that triggers the PIR.

The above lighting structure is waterproof and as such is suited to external use. This makes it a great lighting solution for those that live in damp and windy climates and also those that live in extremely hot environments. It is important to fit this lighting system securely and make all the necessary adjustments required prior to purchase.

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Led Security Flood Lights

How an LED Flood Lighting package can save you money

What used to be classed as a miniscule, insignificant LED diode is quickly becoming the future of affordable lighting. The automobile industry, a number of offices, boats and homes are using this exact form of lighting to illuminate areas in a variety of establishments.

The outdoor LED Lighting is however the most widely used LED application, and is often used as a form of security – instantly illuminating the office or home grounds when an intruder enters.

Advantages of outdoor LED Lighting.

The major advantage of led security flood lights is the cost, although a little more pricy initially, consumers will quickly see a return on their purchase in the long run. Another benefit of the LED floodlight is their life expectancy. This expectancy is much longer than that of a standard halogen floodlight; meaning less effort is required when it comes to replacing the bulbs. Some even boast to last up to ten or 20 years. This comes as great news to office managers. Replacing a number of lighting systems on the office floor can become a major hassle, especially if this task has to be completed on a regular basis.

Floodlights are often placed high up in order to illuminate a larger surface area. With this in mind, gaining easy access to these lights can be a little tricky. Their life expectancy therefore comes as a major asset, allowing this tedious task to be completed only once in a blue moon.

Many of todays led security flood lights boast an easy dimming and colour change function. All major visible light wavelengths are now available in bright LED diodes. The combination of primary colour LED diodes allows led security flood lights to produce a wide range of colours.


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